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Hydrogel Kits

Cellular Matrices for Translational Research

Providing optimal culture conditions can be one of the greatest challenges in stem cell research. Aside from optimal nutrient requirements, an optimal substrate is also important. There are several key considerations to take into account when choosing the appropriate substrate on which to expand and differentiate cells:

• Regulatory friendliness of the substrate
• Flexibility for 2D and 3D environments
• Lot-to-lot consistency for reliable results
• User-controlled rigidity and composition of the substrate for optimal conditions
• Suitability of the substrate for both in vitro and in vivo research

HyStem® Hydrogels are designed specifically to meet these requirements. These extracellular matrix kits are based on hyaluronic acid (HA) – a component of the extracellular matrix (ECM) that is abundant in embryos and in the microenvironments surrounding stem cells. HyStem Hydrogels provide a compliant, viscoelastic matrix that is physiologically relevant for stem cells. Whether your requirements mandate an animal component-free system or your research requires the ability to incorporate growth factors and peptides into your stem cell culture system, HyStem Hydrogels can be customized to fit the needs of specific research studies.

Which HyStem® Hydrogel is right for you?


The blank-slate matrix

The starter matrix

The growth factor delivery matrix




Collagen provides general attachment protein for wide range of cells

Ability for slow, more controllable release

Translatable To Clinic

In vivo and in vitro

In vivo and in vitro

In vivo and in vitro


Thiol-modified hyaluronan (Glycosil®), Thiol-reactive PEGDA crosslinker (Extralink®), Degassed, deionized water (DG Water)

Thiol-modified hyaluronan (Glycosil®), Thiol-reactive PEGDA crosslinker (Extralink®), Thio-modified collagen (Gelin-S®), Degassed, deionized water (DG Water)

Thiol-modified hyaluronan and heparin (Heprasil®), Thiol-reactive PEGDA crosslinker (Extralink®), Thiol-modified collagen (Gelin-S®), Degassed, deionized water (DG Water)

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