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Glycosil® Hyaluronic Acid

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Glycosil® is a thiol-modified hyaluronic acid and a constituent of native extracellular matrix (ECM).
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Glycosil® is a thiol-modified hyaluronic acid and a constituent of native extracellular matrix (ECM). Glycosil is used in conjunction with Gelin-S® or ECM proteins such as laminin, collagen, or fibronectin for most 3-D cell culture and tissue-engineering applications. Tested for bacteria and endotoxins. Glycosil hyaluronic acid is a component of the HyStem®, HyStem-C and HyStem-HP hydrogel kits and can be purchased separately in individual vials.

Glycosil reconstituted with the recommended volume of degassed water will be a 1% solution of thiolated HA in 1X PBS salts. Upon reconstitution, Glycosil will remain liquid for several hours until crosslinker (such as Extralink or PEGSSDA) is added, at which point gelation will occur after 20-30 minutes with no temperature or pH manipulation required. Even without crosslinker, a gel will eventually form due to auto-crosslinking. Please use Glycosil within four hours of reconstitution. Diluting Glycosil with phosphate-buffered saline or cell culture media will increase gelation time or ultimately prevent gelation all together. Reconstituting Glycosil in any solvent except pure water will alter the salt balance and may impact gelation kinetics or gel properties.



Source The hyaluronic acid used to produce Glycosil® and HyStem® is made by a proprietary bacterial-fermentation process using bacillus subtilis as the host in an ISO 9001:2000 process ( It is produced by Novozymes under the trade name HyaCare® and is 100% free of animal-derived raw materials and organic solvents remnants. No animal-derived ingredients are used in its production and it has very low protein levels and no exotoxins. Its production follows the European Pharmacopoeia.
Technical Documents GS222 Technical Data Sheet
GS220 Technical Data Sheet
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