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Extralink® PEGDA

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Extralink is thiol-reactive crosslinker (polyethylene glycol diacrylate).
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Extralink® is polyethylene diacrylate (PEGDA) with a molecular weight of 3400 Da. It is a thiol-reactive crosslinker that convalently reacts with the thiol groups in Glycosil®, Heprasil® and Gelin-S® to form viscoelastic hydrogels. Extralink vials are >95% acrylated and supplied as the crosslinking component in all HyStem® hydrogel kits. Extralink may be replaced with PEGSSDA for easy gel dissolution and cell recovery. Extralink vials are paired with HyStem-C and HyStem–HP kits while Extralink-Lite vials are paired with HyStem hydrogel kits to provide comparable experiences despite the different HA concentrations.

Extralink is used to chemically crosslink Glycosil (or Heprasil) and Gelin-S in Hystem-C and HyStem-HP kits. The gelation time ranges from as short as 5 minutes to as long as a couple of hours, depending upon the amount of Extralink used and the concentration/dilution of the Glycosil, Gelin-S and/or Heprasil.

Similarly, Extralink-Lite is used in place of Extralink for applications where Gelin-S is not included. The higher relative concentration of Glycosil requires less crosslinker to emulate the gelation time and stiffness of HyStem-C and HyStem-HP.



Technical Documents GS3006 Technical Data Sheet
GS3007 Technical Data Sheet
GS3008 Technical Data Sheet
GS3009 Technical Data Sheet
References X.Z. Shu, S. Ahmad, Y. Liu, and G.D. Prestwich, “Synthesis and Evaluation of Injectable, in situ Crosslinkable Synthetic Extracellular Matrices (sECMs) for Tissue Engineering,” J. Biomed Mater. Res. A, 79A(4), 901-912 (2006).


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