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Replicating native form and function in bioprinting applications

3D cell culture environments allow in vitro experiments to accurately mimic in vivo conditions and many studies in various fields have shown that cellular behaviors can differ substantially between traditional 2D monolayer cultures and 3D environments. The study of tissue function in vitro relies on the accurate resemblance of the naturally complex 3D environment and cellular components found in the matrices of tissues and organs in vivo.

The recent study of 3D and bioprinting applications holds promise in the aid to repair damaged tissues and organs. Hydrogels are currently being used in many 3D biomedical applications due to their customizable properties and potential clinical application. ESI BIO's HyStem® hydrogels provide a dynamic platform to mimic native cell culture environments due to their versatility and flexibility in incorporating a fully customizable range of biological compounds within the matrix. Specifically, the HyStem® Hydrogel UV QuickSet Kit has been optimized for micro-scale bioprinting applications, with fast, flexible gelation times controlled by UV light.

Hydrogel Sample Data

Figure 1: Rheometry experiments for shear elastic modulus (G′) of hydrogel networks formed with Glycosil, Gelin-S, at different ultraviolet light exposure times and substrate concentrations. [A][B] PEG norbornene dose response (final concentrations listed) with UV illumination for 3 minutes at each concentration. [C] Irgacure 2959 dose response with hydrogels prepared with PEG norbornene (0.2% final concentration) and UV illuminated for 3 min at each concentration. Source: Hynes, W.F., et al.


  • Hynes, W.F., et al. (2014) Micropatterning of 3D Microenvironments for Living Biosensor Applications. Biosensors 4: 28-44.
  • Mironov, V., et. al. (2006) Review: Bioprinting: A Beginning. Tissue Eng. 12:631–634.


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  • HyStem® Hydrogel UV QuickSet Kit

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    The HyStem family of products for research and development is now being exclusively manufactured and sold by Advanced BioMatrix.

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    The HyStem® Hydrogel UV QuickSet Kit supports 3D cell culture for use in tissue engineering and small scale bioprinting applications. Learn More

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