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VascuNet™ Pericyte Co-Culture Assay

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The VascuNet™ Pericyte Co-Culture Assay combines HUVECs and pericytes in a co-culture system designed for a 96-well plate assay format. Components include cells, negative control, growth and assay medium with supplements.
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A more clinically-relavant co-culture assay

The VascuNet™ Pericyte Co-Culture Assay is a novel angiogenesis model that includes HUVECs and pericytes (PC-Ms) to study the effects of drug and therapeutic compounds on vascularization in a 96-well plate. PC-M cells are derived from a proprietary differentiation method using the ESI-017 Human Embryonic Stem Cell Line. Cells and media components undergo strict quality screening to ensure reproducibility. Networks are maintained for up to four to six days, allowing for a more extensive and clinically-relevant model system for studying the effects of compounds on tube formation.

  • VascuNet tube networks approximate in vivo vessels more closely than other systems
  • Allows for long-term in vitro analyses of pro- and anti-angiogenic compounds on established vessels
  • Pericytes are hESC-derived ensuring easy expansion and reproducible results
Developed by ReCyte Therapeutics Inc, a subsidiary of BioTime, Inc.



Format 96-well plate
Sample Types Small molecules, recombinant proteins, DNA/RNA constructs, or conditioned media
Assay Time Tube networks are maintained for at least 4 days.
Storage and Stability All kit components are stable for a minimum of 3 months from date of receipt when stored as directed.
Components For a complete list of kit components, please download the EM-2202 Technical Data Sheet
Applications Screening and the assessment of pro- or anti-angiogenic compounds
Technical Documents

Product Support

VascuNet™ Pericyte Co-Culture Assay Protocol
VascuNet™ Troubleshooting Guide
EM-2202 Technical Data Sheet

VascuNet™ Pericyte Co-Culture Assay Product Sheet

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