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PureStem® 4D20.8, NCr-fac Progenitor

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Expresses markers specific to mesenchymal cells derived from neural crest and lateral plate mesoderm. Demonstrated in vitro chondrogenic and osteogenic differentiation Demonstrate in vivo cartilage repair in a rat model.
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This clonal human embryonic progenitor line expresses markers specific to mesenchymal cells derived from neural crest (CDH2,MSX2,SOX9,SOX10,TFAP2A). The cell line exhibits chondrogenic and osteogenic fates upon differentiation in vitro. Progenitor line 4D20.8 was derived from the parental NIH registered Human ES cell line H9 (WA09).

Propagation Potential:
PureStem® Mesenchymal Progenitor 4D20.8 is sold at passage 11 (passage 1: original clonal isolate at confluence in 1.9 cm2 well), which corresponds to approximately 13.5 doublings since the first passage and approximately 31.5 doublings since its original clonal plating. The line displays a finite lifespan in vitro, and when properly maintained may reach 70 population doublings.



Applications Chondrogenesis and osteogenesis research and cartilage and bone-related diseases research.
Technical Documents ES-84 Technical Data Sheet
References Sternberg H, Murai JT, Erickson IE, Funk WD, Das S, Wang Q, Snyder E, Chapman KB, Vangsness CT Jr, West MD. 2012 A human embryonic stem cell-derived clonal progenitor cell line with chondrogenic potential and markers of craniofacial mesenchyme. Regen Med. 7(4):481-501.

West MD, Sargent RG, Long J, Brown C, Chu JS, Kessler S, Derugin N, Sampathkumar J, Burrows C, Vaziri H, Williams R, Chapman KB, Larocca D, Loring JF, Murai J. 2008 The ACTCellerate initiative: large-scale combinatorial cloning of novel human embryonic stem cell derivatives. Regen Med. 3(3):287-308.


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