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Gen 1 Cardiomyocytes 1X10⁶ viable cells

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Gen 1 Cardiomyocytes offered by ESI BIO are the highest quality cardiomyocytes derived from NIH-registered human embryonic stem cells.
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Gen 1 Cardiomyocytes are derived from NIH Registered human Embryonic Stem Cells (hESC) and provide a biologically-relevant model for use in safety screening and risk assessment of compounds for cardiotoxic responses in drug discovery. Suitable for interrogation in multiparametic platforms such as high-content analysis (HCA) and multielectrode arrays (MEA), Gen 1 Cardiomyocytes form spontaneously beating monolayers when plated into microwell plates and exhibit appropriate morphology and electrophysiological responses when treated with known compounds.

Gen 1 Cardiomyocytes have been extensively characterized and functionally verified by flow cytometry, sub-cellular imaging and electrophysiology. Cells are provided cryopreserved in a ready-to-use format.
NIH registered lines



Format Frozen in 1.0 mL cryovials containing 10% DMSO and 90% fetal bovine serum
Size 1.0X10^⁶ viable cells
Storage Liquid nitrogen; vapor phase
Expiration Refer to the appropriate certificate of analysis
Stem Cell Source Cell Line WA07 (H7); NIH Approval # NIHhESC-10-0061
Characterization Flow cytometry; sub-cellular imaging; electrophysiology
Technical Documents Cytiva Plus User’s Manual
Legal Gen 1 Cardiomyocytes are provided under license from GE Healthcare, UK Limited.


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