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Gen 2 Cardiomyocytes 3.5X10⁶ viable cells

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Cytiva Plus Cardiomyocytes offered by ESI BIO are the highest quality cardiomyocytes derived from NIH-registered human embryonic stem cells.
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Cytiva® Plus Cardiomyocytes are derived from NIH Registered human Embryonic Stem Cells (hESC) and provide a biologically-relevant model for use in safety screening and risk assessment of compounds for cardiotoxic responses in drug discovery. Suitable for interrogation in multiparametic platforms such as high-content analysis (HCA) and multielectrode arrays (MEA), Cytiva Plus Cardiomyocytes form spontaneously beating monolayers when plated into microwell plates and exhibit appropriate morphology and electrophysiological responses when treated with known compounds.

Cytiva Plus Cardiomyocytes have been extensively characterized and functionally verified by flow cytometry, sub-cellular imaging and electrophysiology. Cells are provided cryopreserved in a ready-to-use format.
NIH registered lines



Format Frozen in 1.0 mL cryovials containing 10% DMSO and 90% fetal bovine serum
Size 3.5X10⁶ viable cells
Storage Liquid nitrogen; vapor phase
Expiration Refer to the appropriate certificate of analysis
Stem Cell Source Cell Line WA07 (H7); NIH Approval # NIHhESC-10-0061
Characterization Flow cytometry; sub-cellular imaging; electrophysiology
Technical Documents Cytiva Plus User’s Manual
Legal Gen 2 Cardiomyocytes are provided under license from GE Healthcare, UK Limited.


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